Safir Digital Signage Software
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Digital Signage

Digital signage uses display technologies such as LCD and LED to show display data including images, videos, audio files and digital information. Digital signage displays can be spotted in public places, transportation terminals, museums, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and business companies.


News Feed

The capacity of collecting news and articles on various professional areas and presenting them on digital signage displays using Safir News Feed System.

Virtual Education

Virtual education is defined as use of technology in the process of education, eliminating classroom spaces, and transferring classes to the Internet or LAN environment.

Live Streaming

Simultaneous broadcast of live TV programs and commercials on digital displays at very low costs and free of hardware restrictions via Safir Live Streaming application.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the direct or indirect recreation of a physical object in the real world using audio, video, graphics, or GPS information.

Applications of Safir Digital Signage Software in various areas

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Why Safir

Great security and support of several points at low and unstable connection speeds


Geographical coverage

Safir Digital Signage System can be implemented in different types of networks including PAN, LAN, CAN, MAN, and WAN.

Supporting several points

Safir system is currently being implemented on several platforms with an extensive number of points.

Increased security

Safir Digital Signage System enjoys increased level of security for both the provider and the network, transmitting the data in a perfectly secure environment.

Simple Navigation

with its highly efficient user interface, Safir System can be used regardless of the technical know-how.

Project management

Digital signage projects can be implemented and executed in large scale and with numerous points.


New modules can be added, customized and integrated with other systems in Safir System.

More about Us

Having worked in banking information technology for many years and employing domestic capacity, expertise and experience, Samen Ertebat Asr Company has managed to set up Safir Digital Signage System. Currently, this system is being used in several institutions and organizations in a wide range and on several displays.

“If science is left as far as the Pleiades, still people from the land of Persia will seize it.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Safir Digital Signage System has been designed in order to achieve foreign currency saving and self-efficiency in digital signage.

As shown in the studies conducted in the Middle East, Safir System ranks the highest in the region in terms of quality and quantity of employment.

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Consultation, design, support, and maintenance in network security team with the help of experts in digital signage.
Providing the state-of-the-art solutions to designing, producing and developing digital signage systems.
R and D is among the most significant issues in software development cycle, especially in digital signage systems.

Latest blog posts

Presenting the latest news and articles on digital signage, update and alteration notifications of Safir System.

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